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Nonviolence International Canada is the Canadian branch of the Nonviolence International network.

Nonviolence International was founded by Palestinian Mubarak Awad in 1989 to provide assistance to individuals, organizations and governments seeking nonviolent means to bring about social or political change.

Nonviolence International exists to strengthen the ability of human society to use the power of nonviolence to bring about change which reflects truth, justice, dignity and the desire for human development at the personal, social, economic and political levels.

We believe that every culture and religion in the world contains the seeds of truth through nonviolence, and we encourage the activist of different traditions to seek nonviolent solutions that respect their cultural identities.

In order to act on this philosophy, Nonviolence International provides general educational materials, strategy sessions and training for activists and organizers, through the coordination of a pool of international resources and experts and research into the practical use of nonviolent methods..

Nonviolence International also:  sponsors local, national, regional and international conferences and seminars; offer training programs;

-coordinates the presentation of an annual peace award to that individual or group which best exemplifies the principles and practices of non-violence and conflict resolution in a major conflict situation and contributes to peace education;

-provides a core group of international conflict resolution specialists to groups or governments seeking alternative possibilities for peace;

-disseminates articles, position papers and research; and networks with other conflict resolution centers internationally to work cooperatively toward a common goal.

Nonviolence International Canada is a Federal Charity

Nonviolence International is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations