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Nonviolence International Archive of Nonviolent Direct Action Manuals created by a variety of people’s campaigns. Collection is currated by Swarthmore College.

Nonviolent Direct Action Database

War Resisters Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns

This manual on how to build nonviolent campaigns was built on the experience of activists from around the world by War Resisters International (WRI). WRI writes about their handbook:  ‘Radical social change doesn’t “just happen”; change happens when committed people take action together in ways that are effective and strategic.’ We couldn’t agree more. WRI has unfortunately taken their full manuscript offline, and now put in its place a new website titled Empowering Nonviolence which seeks to help activists ‘build their own handbook’. We have kept the table of contents from the first edition, formerly online, and made a link to a pdf of the first edition.

The Commons Library maintains a wide selection of material for nonviolent direct action campaigns. Much of it Australian/ Commonwealth focused. Explore many related/linked topics on left side of page.

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Guide to the Law of Protests in British Columbia

This guide informs you of your rights when dealing with the police at public demonstrations. It is designed to help you exercise your right to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience, and avoid committing any criminal offense. It is also designed to assist you in the event you are arrested. [2011]

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Updated Guide to the Law of Protest Workshop, Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers, 2017 Annual Conference, Montréal, Québec, June 1 –4, 2017 [Download PDF]