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WRI Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns

[Download First Edition of Handbook, Chapters no longer available online]

WRI version two on website

Contents Introduction

  • About this Handbook and How to Use It;  What is Nonviolence and Why Use it;  How Does Nonviolence Work?;
  • Nonviolence Training: Role of Trainers; Potential Topics for Nonviolence Training;
  • You and Your Group: Strengthening a Group; Exploring Differences; What Do You Want?;
  • Historical Uses of Nonviolence: What Works Where; The Role of Pacifists; Organising;
  • Case Study: Nonviolence Training in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement;  Case Study: Otpor: People’s Power in Serbia

Gender and Nonviolence

  • Introduction to the gender section;  What is gender;  An example of linking peace and gender issues: New Profile in Israel

Tasks and Tools for Organising and Facilitating Trainings

  • Introduction to the section;  Working Together;  Check-List for Organising a Training;  Check-List for Facilitating a Training

Nonviolent Campaigns

  • What Makes a Campaign Nonviolent;  Planning Nonviolent Campaigns;  Constructive Programme;  The Movement Action Plan;  Forms of Nonviolent Action
  • Stages of Escalation;  Role of media;  Campaign case study guide

Organising for Effective Nonviolent Actions

  • Sending the protest message;  Coping with the stress and strain of taking a stand;  Humour and nonviolent actions;
  • Working in Groups: affinity groups, group process, decision making; Techniques for consensus decision making in large groups: the spokespersons council method;
  • Check list for planning an action;  Roles in, before, and after an action;  Legal support;  Jail support;  Evaluation

Stories and Strategies

  • Introduction;  International solidarity campaign with South Africa;  Seabrook – Wyhl – Marckolsheim – transnational links in a chain of campaigns;
  • International Antimilitarist marches;  Chile: Gandhi’s Insights Gave People Courage to Defy Chile’s Dictatorship;  Israel – New Profile learns from the experience of others;
  • Turkey- Building a nonviolent culture;  The applications of Augusto Boal’s “Theatre of Oppressed” in Turkey;  South Korea – Challenges and successes of working in nonviolence;
  • Peace Community of San José de Apartadó,Colombia : A lesson of resistance, dignity and courage;  Bombspotting – towards an European Campaign;
  • 15th of May – International Day of Conscientious Objection

Exercises for Working in Nonviolence

  • Introduction;  Hassle – Parallel line;  Conflict line;  Brainstorming;  Speak out;  A gender dialogue for peacebuilders;  Why do what teacher says? ;
  • Who Has Power in a School?10/10 strategies;  The tree;  Pillars of power;  Spectrum of allies;  Consequences of fear;  Tree and wind;  Decision making;
  • Cross spectrum;  Role playing;  Forum Theatre;  Tools for Grounding, Protecting, and Blockading;  Spectrum or Barometer

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